Case Studies

Results Our Clients Get

Car Financing Lead Generation

Metro Credit decided to quickly scale their ad spend from $2,500 to $10,000 per month, as they were seeing a signifcant return, getting tons of leads and at their new level of spend they were consistently getting over 100 leads per month at a $60 Cost-Per-Lead.

Personal Injury Legal Lead Generation

They immediately opened 5 case files worth $100,000+ each, for half a million in eventual revenue from an ad-spend of $5,500.

Ecommerce Advertising Campaign

Our client was extremely happy with the results and made a huge amount of profit based on our digital marketing strategy. We maintained 10-20x ROAS at scale, and over 40x ROAS on a smaller ad budget in the beginning.

HVAC Lead Generation

The client went from losing money and considering dropping digital marketing altogether to increasing their budget, doubling down and outperforming their competition.