Legal Google Ads Marketing Case Study

Effective lead generation, low cost per lead, several new case files opened month one.

Lead Generation And Google & Facebook Ads Marketing

Real leads, real results, more cases. That’s what our law firm client hired us to do. They operated a medium-sized law firm that focused on personal injury cases. 

Due to the nature of their area of practice, it was important that leads were qualified, as cases often took a long time to see a settlement. 

Since most personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency-fee basis and don’t charge their clients upfront or directly, they had very strict critera for the type of cases they would take on

By targeting only very specific search terms, we were able to pre-qualify leads to target their ideal client.

However, the client’s website wasn’t optimized for lead generation and they weren’t leveraging paid search and social to generate leads online. 

They primarily used referrals and traditional marketing techniques in the past. Black Octopus created a highly optimized omni-channel marketing campaign and funnel designed to generate cases


How We Helped: Campaign Summary

Immediate Leads

With bottom-of-the-funnel marketing technique, like Google Ads we were able to generate leads within days.


They immediately opened 5 case files worth $100,000+ each, for half a million in eventual revenue from an ad-spend of $5,500.


Every lead, metric and KPI was tracked. We set up bi-weekly executive reporting. Every phone call and form submission gets immediately sent to our client, with call recording so they can listen in on the quality of the leads and how their administrative staff handle potential client inquiries.

1,200% Traffic increase

+70 Qualified Leads

5,500 In Ad Spend

100,000+ In Immediate Case Files

Comprehensive Consultation

Metro Credit is a car financing company located in Bedford, Nova Scotia. They also have an affiliated company that sells vehicles that they refer financing leads to for car sales. 

They primarily serve the Halifax region but service clients all across Atlantic and Eastern Canada.

Previously they generated all of their leads organically, from local referrals, as well as paying per lead from car lead generation companies. 

They were looking for another lead channel, and wanted a reliable source of qualified leads at a profitable cost. 

Their average client lifetime value (LTV) is worth about $3,000 from fees collected from financing car loans. 

They would purchase pre-qualified leads from a company at a cost of $150 per lead. This company would generate leads through primarily cold phone calls. 

Comprehensive Consultation

We only take on clients and projects we know we can provide value and success. If we don't think something will work for your business, we'll tell you instead of trying to sell you on a service--no pressure. Our executive growth expert team will provide you with a free consultation, assess your strategic and digital marketing goals, and learn as much about your unique business as possible.